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Original title: Install the United States 257988 interest are special 179686 vacuum stone 4.8 meters big board 47961 appear on 241873 exposition of 1760312018109 Shanghai furniture of project of hotel of 1760312018109 Shanghai international and commercial space design 241873 exposition to be held grandly, install the United States 257988 interest are special 1200mm*4800mm179686 vacuum stone is big board the shock exhibits, come on stage to suck eyeball countless, detonate spot atmosphere successfully. Project of hotel of 2018 Shanghai international and exposition of commercial space design April 26-29 day, exposition of project and commercial space design is in the hotel of 2018 Sha上海千花的替代者nghai international that limited company of exhibition of Bo Huaguo border of association of trade of Chinese travel hotel, Sh上海后花园1314最新 shhhyanghai sponsors jointly Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is pulled open formally prelusive. This hotel decorates the year regale of the domain, it is dimensions of industry of meal of Asian region public house strong, level extends big, influence high one of meetings. Project of Shanghai international hotel and exposition of commercial space design 上海莘庄spaare core with Hotel+ , perforative industry catenary makes a hotel build as luxurious as operation regale, interlink hand in hand join in exhibit, houseboat is exhibited, cleanness is exhibited etc make articles for use of Shanghai int上海后花园1314侦探ernational hotel, project, design and commercial space series are exhibited, enclothe new international to read extensively central whole house is close 200 thousand smooth rice, 8 big themes exhibit an area, many 2000 ginseng postpones business, predict to will attract 130 thousand audience to show up look around. Exhibit meeting site stream of people to emerge move Anmeilite to exhibit first days to上海油压体验论坛 greet a large number of tourists to stop. People is attracted to stay by the vacuum 上海完美休闲kbstone place with gorgeous and e阿拉爱上海晨晨验证legant, colorful exterior, can’t help when the 1200mm*4800mm that sees the spot exhibits exceeds big vacuum flag click of the tongue says to surprise. ▲ An Meili is special 1200mm*4800mm vacuum stone is big board 47961 appear exhibited meeting site staff member to still introduce simply 上海杨浦区有spa吗for tourists ” avoid burn technique of group of vacuum different compose ” , everybody produces a course to vacuum stone in succession need not fire, feebleminded bad news, free from contamination, 0 discharged environmental protection technologies praise greatly. ▲ An Meili exhibits atmosphere of stage tourist in an endless stream especially fervent subsequently the staff member returned Anmeilite to do test of vacuum stone function for gues最近上海油压店都关门2019t spot: Compare with lithofacies of the man-made stone that making work on上海金山张堰镇推油 the market, marble, granite, vacuum stone is to prevent acid-proof and osmotic, alkalescent, impact resistance to wait no matter, all behave in the experiment grab an eye, also let watch exhibited masses to have more deep knowledge primely to the character of vacuum stone. And be opposite to the stylist friend that visit the free and custom-built function of vacuum stone holds huge interest, “Want to try to break with all sorts of glass very much article, the aggregate such as ceramics, cobble makes out the vacuum stone with distinctive oneself ” . More and more tourists stop hereat, spot of not little even masses takes report, contact means with staff member crossing-over, the both sides after expressing to hope to exhibit meeting end can have good cooperative chance. Vacuum stone is in Anmeilite 26-29 will be in Shanghai 4 days day in April new international reads extensively the center exhibits continuously, before welcoming everybody, will look around seek advice. Exhibit stage position: Penetralia of E4E85/ strange thing exhibits E4B50 view to exhibit connection: Xu Lei the 17765190466 interest that install the United States are special stone of vacuum stone vacuum is to use what Anmeilite invents ” avoid burn technique of group of vacuum different compose ” , all sorts of clastic rock, quartz the horniness grain polymerization of the diversification such as grain of grain of arenaceous, glass, pottery and porcelain becomes arenaceous, Hai Sha, river the green wall ground of safe health decorates plank. Serve as ceramic tile and stone material upgrade substitute, vacuum stone is the development trend of material of adornment o闵行油压、spa馆f ground of wall of green environmental protection, its have green environmental protection, safe health, quality outstanding, installation convenient, colour sex of diversity of rich, design, design is strong wait for 上海杨浦区星辰温泉桑拿an advantage. Vacuum stone applies extensively at the adornment such as top of footfall of the ground of ground of wall of room i上海日式桑拿全套会所 上海桑拿体验报告nside and ou阿拉爱上海验证ty皇后tside, the w上海水磨会所攻略all between mesa, desktop, Wei Yu, stage that wash gargle, stair, condole, partition to decorate a domain! Vacuum stone joins in already opened in the light of partial section first